Baku International Short Film Festival

Baku International Short Film Festival, founded in 2004 by the Young Filmmakers Centre, has taken place in previous years under the name of START ISFF.

For 11 years, the Baku International Film Festival has become a platform for award-winning and successful films at Cannes, Venice, Berlin Film Festivals and the Oscar.

Each year, the most interesting films among more than 1500 films sent from different countries of the world are selected and included in the program of the festival. BISFF is already a meeting place  for dozens of foreign and local directors, producers and scriptwriters.

In addition,  we introduce new films of local directors for five days, trying to show the events in a unique approach and having an interesting style.

The BISFF combines developing interest in short films that  are considered to be the foundations of cinema in our country, encouraging and supporting young cinematographers.

We are proud to show colorful films at this festival that happening in the fall for eleven years and combining  cultural, political, social events and different characters of the world and our country.