10. Festival / International Competition



Ilgar Safat (Azerbaijan)

Film and Theatre Director, screenwriter

Ilgar Safat graduated from the Course for Scenarists and Directors in Moscow. The director`s "The roots of the sky" was included to the best ethnographic films catalogue in Germany, as well as was placed in the library of the American Museum of Narural Sciences.  Safat`s another film "The Precint" was submitted for 83rd "Oscar Academy Award" in the nomination of "Best foreign language film." This film has received series of awards, including "Hollywood Young Artist Award" and "California Golden Awards.

Rezan Yeshilbash (Turkey)


Rezan Yeşilbaş completed his BA in Cinema and TV Department Marmara University. He wrote and directed his first short film "The Judgement" of his "Triology of Women". "The Judgement" competed and won awards at various international film festivals, and after this he produced another film. The second short film of his triology called "Silent" won Palme d’Or (Golden Palm) in 65th Cannes Film Festival, Short Film.     

Artchil Khetagouri (Georgia)

Director, producer

He is the director of the CinéDOC-Tbilisi International Documentary Film Festival. Arthchil graduated from the Film and Television Academy of the Netherlands. His graduation film Heritage premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and was the Netherlands selection for the "Student Oscar". Other films produced by the director have also received awards at international film festivals.

Karim Azimi (Iran)


Karim Azimi was born in Ardebil, Iran. He received more than 60 awards at various national and international film festivals, including the "Golden Fairy" of the International Audiovisual Festival in Baku. "Butterflies Die in Snow" and "My House is Cloudy" are among his well-known films.  




The Best Fiction Film

"Brotherhood" - Director:  Meryam Joobeur. Canada, Tunisia, Qatar, Sweden.

The Best Documentary Film

"Across the Andes" - Director: Henrik Dahlbring. Country: Sweden.

The Best Animated Film

"Daughter" -  Director: Daria Kashcheeva. Czech Republic.

The Best Fiction Film Director

Ivan Grigolyunas  - film "Three days of Klava Grachova".  Russia.

The Best Documentary Film Director

Hillel Rate  - film "My Father's Son".  Israel.

The Best Animated Film Director

Daria Kashcheeva - film"Daughter". Czech Republic.

The Special Prize of the Jury

"The Last Client" - Director: Anna Urbanczyk. Country: Poland.

"Imaginal" - Director: Gaspard Granier. Country: Belgium.

The Diploma of fhe Jury

"The absolute Baghatyr"  – Director: Elena Poroshina. Russia, Estonia.

"Not Today" - Director: Jacob Marine. Belgium.

"Final choice" - Director: Amil Mamiyev. Azerbaijan.

The Diploma of fhe Cinema Center of Young Cinematographers

"Akif" - Director: Harun Baysan. Turkey.

"Parivash" - Director: Ameneh Monshizadeh. Iran.

The Diploma the Audiences Sympathy

"Elders" – Director: Ramin Farzaneh, Parisa Sedaei Azar. Iran

"Nanuli and Gogi"- Director: Mariam Agladze. Georgia. The film, shown as a regional project of the CineDOC-Tbilisi International Documentary Film Festival.





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