11. Festival / International Competition




Oleg Safaraliyev

Director, producer, screenwriter

Oleg Safaraliyev is Azerbaijan and Russian film director. He studied in the faculty of  “Film directing” of All-Union State Institute of Cinematography, in the studio of Sergey Solovyov. After the success of the Graduation work “Murad-Sad”, he was invited to the “Mosfilm”. He shot the  “Live Broadcast” which is the first full-length film in Russia in 1989. He gave the structure  the “Employee”,  “Ka-de-bo”, “Find me” films,  to the “Savva Morozov”, “Petrovka 38”, “The duty angel-2” multi-series  TV films  commissioned by  the Russian TV channel. He was  the chief producer of the “Eurasian Film” company for ten years.  The “Farewell, South city” film he made in the “Azerbaijan film” film studio is displayed at  international film festivals  including at major film festivals as  Berlin, Monreal, Istanbul.  He is currently the director of the Film school of Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan.





Mehmet Bahadır Er

Director, producer

The architect Sinan graduated from the Film-Television Academy of Fine Arts University.  His “Omar and us”, “Love me”, “Black Dogs Barking” and other films were awarded grand prix in local festivals as Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Adana Golden Boll Film Festival, Ankara Film Festival, Ifsak Short Film Festival,  Istanbul  Independent Film Festival. He was  laureate with films made by the director, including  influential  international film festivals as  “Montreal”, “Rotterdam”, “Locarno”, “Sarajevo”, “Warsaw”, “Tallinn”, “Tokyo”, “New York”, “Stockholm”, “Cairo”, “Kazan”. Mehmet Bahadir Er has been a member of the European Film Academy since 2017.





Irina Shatalova


She graduated from the  “Operatorship” faculty of All-Union State Institute of Cinematography named after S.A. Gerasimov. She filmed the documentaries more than twenty as chief operator, she was awarded in a number of local and international festivals.  She has begun her producer activity since 2011. She studied production and di stribution course at NYFA Film Academy in New York, “Emerging Producers” Young European Producers program in Czech.  Her first feature film LINAR was released in 2013, successfully screened and awarded internationally. She is one of the founder of the presentation project, organizer and curator of “DOKer” documentary author's film.    





Rufat Asadov


He studied at Leningrad Academy of Arts, Film School under “Leninfilm”. He was the student of “Production of Documentaries” courses are led by   American producer Oleg Harrinjar.  He did internship at “Promatheus Production” film studio in USA. The Director's debut film “Fright” was awarded “Humay”, “Golden lamp” prizes in France as well as in our country.  “The future left behind” artistic film which he gave structure in 2004 has earned the audience sympathy at various festivals.  The director is the author of 3 documentaries about mountain Jews  (“Guba Jews”, “The last Jew in the village” and “The tears of the prophet Jeremiah”). These films are repeatedly displayed at various film festivals and events in Israel, Europe and USA,  they have brought  prestigious awards to our country.






Nadir Badalov 

Film editor, screenwriter, telejournalist

He took part in the shooting of numerous documentaries as a chief editor in the “Azerbaijantelefilm” Art Union. He has written articles dedicated theatre, film artists, performances and films in the newspaper and journals and was the author of radio and TV projects.  He has acted as an author and presenter in “Unknown celebrities”, “Geniuses chamber” and “100th  review” talk shows of ANS television and in parallel he was the chief editor of “People” journal. He has worked as an editor in “Chronicle” documentaries studio, he was the editor and also a scenarist of “Mahmud and Maryam”, “I return back home”, “Commander”, “The eagle's nest” and a number of films.





Teymur Hajiyev

Director, producer, screenwriter

 He is the founder of “FIL Production” company. He produced about 15 short films until now. He was accepted to the Summer Academy under Locarno International Film Festival in 2014. The “Wound” short debut work has displayed at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. The premium of “Shanghai, Baku” short film took place at the Tampere Film Festival. “Salt and pepper to your own delight” short film has participated in the competition section of the Rotterdam International Film Festival, one of the most prestigious film forums in Europe. In 2020, the film “Towards the Evening” was included in the program of  Critic's Week (Semaine de la Critique) of Cannes Film Festival.





Erturan Necefi Gol


The Young Director studied in the cinematography course under the “Urmia Young Cinematographers Association” in Iran, at the “Film Directing” faculty of the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts. The “Voice” short artistic film which is the graduation work was awarded with “Golden Mapple” (first award) basically in the section of short artistic films of the XI Jahorina International Film Festival of Bosnia and Herzegovina of the XIII International Kazan Film Festival, basically at the Baalbek International Short Film Festival in Lebanon of the VIII Azerbaijan Family Film Festival by Jury.






Film screening program
December 10 / 2020


SÜKUT - Rejissor: Ceyhun Türksoy – bədii- Yerli müsabiqə

52-HERTZ- Rejissor: Müşfiq Mirzə - bədii –Yerli müsabiqə

HƏYAT DAVAM EDİR-  Rejissor: Elvin Dadaşzadə - sənədli - Yerli müsabiqə

KRAL LİR -  Rejissor: Kürçaylı Məmmədov –sənədli - Yerli müsabiqə

THE BED- Director: Daniela Abad Lombana (Colombia) -fiction - International Competition

CLARET - Director: Aseman Tousi (Iran) – fiction – International Competition

FORGIVE ME, FATHER- Director :Jona Schlosse (Germany) -fiction- International Competition

COMMUNITY GARDENS-Director: Vytautas Katkus (Lithuania) - fiction- International Competition

DRIFTERS-Director:Jay Walker (Czech Republic) - fiction- International Competition

THE SAME SNOWFLAKE HAS FALLEN THE EARTH NUMEROUS TIMES- Director :Evrim İnci (Turkey)- documentary- International Competition

THE BEEKEEPER-Director :William Mc Gregor (United Kingdom) - documentary- International Competition

GRAND ADVENTURE RAILROAD-Director: Hsiao-Shan Huang (Taiwan (ROC)) -animation- International Competition

KENYA S SYMPHONY-Director:Carlos Douglas Jr (United States)- animation- International Competition


December 11 / 2020


BAKI KÜLƏYİ-Rejissor: Şirin Əhmədov-bədii- Yerli müsabiqə

ESTAKADA-Rejissor: Fuad Tofiqoğlu-bədii- Yerli müsabiqə

İSTİNTAQ DAVAM EDİR -Rejissor: Xətai Müzəffəri-Həqiqi-bədii-Yerli müsabiqə

MUZA-Rejissor: Kənan Nadirli-bədii-Yerli müsabiqə

BİR ATA HAQQINDA-Rejissor: Toğrul Musa /  Nurlan Həsənli-sənədli-Yerli müsabiqə

KÖZ TƏNDİR-Rejissor: Səməd Ağayev-sənədli-Yerli müsabiqə

NAYA-Rejissor: Ruslan Molayev-sənədli-Yerli müsabiqə

STICKER- Director: Georgi M. Unkovski (Republic of North Macedonia)- fiction- International Competition

1947-Director: Mo Harawe (Austria)- fiction- International Competition

ALL SMOTHERED-Director: Ely Chevillot (Belgium) - fiction- International Competition

WOUND-Director: Yousef Fathinezhad (Iran) - fiction- International Competition

ARTIFICE-Director: Judicael Ceva, Adrien Douay, Coline Della, Coraline HUN, Diana Lao (France) –animation- International Competition

LIKE A BEAR-Director: Hamid Ayad, Louis Radanne, Vianney Palierne, Maxime Lemane, Florian Petiteau (France) - animation- International Competition

DAD-Director: Mohamamd Keivanmarz (Iran) - animation- International Competition

A HORSE HAS MORE BLOOD THAN A HUMAN-Director: Abolfazl Talooni (Iran)-Documentary- International Competition

OUR ONLY HOME-Director: Bayram Küçük (Turkey) –Documentary- International Competition


December 12 / 2020


AZƏRBAYCAN QƏDƏR-Rejissor- Nicat Qədimli-sosial-Yerli müsabiqə

QADINLARA QARŞI ZORAKILIĞA YOX!-Rejissor- Cavad Nur-sosial-Yerli müsabiqə

MƏN ANAMI ÇOX SEVİRƏM-Rejissor- Səbinə Haqverdiyeva-sosial-Yerli müsabiqə

NÜMUNƏVİ ATA-Rejissor- Bəxtiyar Hacıyev-sosial-Yerli müsabiqə

SİQARET ÖLDÜRÜR!-Rejissor- Fərhad Kərimli-sosial-Yerli müsabiqə

TEZLİKLƏ-Rejissor- Nicat Qədimli-sosial-Yerli müsabiqə

ŞƏRƏF DÜYÜNÜ-Rejissor-Ülviyyə Əhmədova-sosial-Yerli müsabiqə

ÜÇ YOL-Rejissor-Azər Allahverdiyev-bədii-Yerli müsabiqə

YADA SAL MƏNİ-Rejissor-Masər Həsənov-bədii-Yerli müsabiqə

26.02.92-Rejissor-Elvin Əhmədoğlu-bədii-Yerli müsabiqə

OFSAYD-Rejissor-Eldar Aslanov-sənədli-Yerli müsabiqə

ZÜLEYXA İLƏ DİALOQLAR-Rejissor-Rəşid Ağamalıyev- sənədli-Yerli müsabiqə

ESCAPE-Director- Burak Celik –(Turkey)- fiction- International Competition

GOOD THANKS, YOU?-Director- Molly Manning Walker –(United Kingdom)- fiction- International Competition

I WANT TO GO HOME-Director- Tatyana Lyalina- (Russia)fiction- International Competition

BITTER HERB/ PIOLUN-Director- Maria Ornaf-(Poland) fiction- International Competition

MOTHER FIGURE-Director- Chang, Chia-Tse –(Taiwan-China) animation- International Competition

NATURAL SELECTION-Director- Aleta Rajic –(Bosnia and Herzegovina)-animation- International Competition

THAT'S UNCLE JERRY AT THE CROSSING-Director- Vishal Gupta-(India)-documentary- International Competition


December 13 / 2020


BİR ZAMANLAR DƏRNƏGÜLDƏ-Rejissor-Sənan Səfərov-sənədli-Yerli müsabiqə

KARANTİNİN BİR GÜNÜ-Rejissor-Cavad Salmanlı-sənədli-Yerli müsabiqə

SƏNƏ NƏ VAXTSA DEMİŞDİM?-Rejissor- Validə Baba-bədii-Yerli müsabiqə

ŞAR-Rejissor- Sevinc Mahmudova-sənədli-Yerli müsabiqə

QARA ÇANTA-Rejissor- Toğrul Mustafazadə-bədii-Yerli müsabiqə

ANAMLA DƏQİQƏLƏR-Rejissor-Sənan Səfərov-sənədli-Yerli müsabiqə

ANNA-Rejissor- Yasəmən Quliyeva-sənədli-Yerli müsabiqə

OXYGEN- Director- Valerijs Olehno-(Georgia) fiction- International Competition

ON THE BOAT-Director- Baizak Mamataliev –(Kyrgyzstan)- fiction- International Competition

PERPETUAL NIGHT-Director-Pedro Peralta-(Portugal)- fiction- International Competition

YOU ARE HERE-Director- Orkhan Abulov-(Russia)- fiction- International Competition

RED ANINSRI; OR, TIPTOEING ON THE STILL TREMBLING BERLIN WALL-Director- Ratchapoom Boonbunchachoke –(Thailand) fiction- International Competition

RIGID-Director- Fernando M. Lopez Gomez, Pablo Miralles Alvarez –(Spain)- fiction- International Competition

THE HEAVENS-Director- Manuel Marini –(Italy)- Documentary- International Competition

TAXIMAN-Director- Novella Lian-(Singapore)- Animation- International Competition

THE MOTHER OF ALL FLOWERS-Director- Merve Caydere Dobai-(Turkey/USA) Animation- International Competition


December 14/ 2020

BİR ARZU TUT-Rejissor-Sevinc Quliyeva-cizgi-Yerli müsabiqə

EVDƏ QAL, POMİDOR!-Rejissor-Nəzrin Ağamalıyeva/ Rəşid Ağamalıyev-cizgi-Yerli müsabiqə

QUZĞUN-Rejissor-Fidan Axundova-cizgi-Yerli müsabiqə

TIQ- TIQ XANIM VƏ DOSTLARI MÖCUZƏLƏR AXTARIŞINDA-Rejissor-Sultan Abbasbəyli-cizgi-Yerli müsabiqə

QUYU-Rejissor-Elnur Paşa-bədii-Yerli müsabiqə

OYUN-Rejissor-Fərid Kərim-bədii-Yerli müsabiqə

DÖNGƏ-Rejissor-Vəfa Ağabalayeva-sənədli-Yerli müsabiqə

MÜCAHİDLƏR-Rejissor- Ramil Ağasıyev-sənədli-Yerli müsabiqə

REGINA-Director-Lander Ibarretxe Perez –(Spain)- fiction- International Competition

RICOCHETS-Director- Jakub Radej –(Poland)- fiction- International Competition

SEVENTY-Director- Tong Jiage-(China)- fiction- International Competition

THE MASTERPIECE-Director- Stefano Moscone-(Italy)- fiction- International Competition

WARD'S HENNA PARTY-Director- Morad Mostafa –(Egept)- fiction- International Competition

VIDEOTHEK-Director- Stephan Bernardes-(Germany)- Documentary- International Competition


December 15/ 2020


THE CURTAIN-Director- Léopold Dewolf-(France)- fiction- International Competition

THE LILLIES SELLER-Director- Igor Galuk-(Argentina)- fiction- International Competition

YUN-Director- GIANCARLO NASI-(Chile)- fiction- International Competition

WOLFPACK-Director- Carolina Castilho-(Brazil)- fiction- International Competition

YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED HOME, YOU MORONS-Director-Inês Luís-(Portugal)-documentary- International Competition

LET’S MEET YESTERDAY-Director- Iva Tokmakchieva-(Bulgaria)- animation- International Competition

I'LL CALL YOU LATER-Director- Maria Scutaru-(Romania)- animation- International Competition